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NFL Futures: buy In on GB Now before THe Rodgers Decision

March 1st, 2022


We've constantly bombarded with Aaron Rodgers news for the past month since the Rams won the Super Bowl. We think it's a lot of noise and that Rodgers will resign with the team next year. And if that happens their futures numbers will be cut down quickly.

It's very important to get in front of news if you can, obviously that is easier said than done but you can still find your spots and we like this one. Green Bay isn't going to trade Rodgers, they've gone out of their way to remedy what looked like a bnad situation last year. They brought in Aaron's old QB coach who he loves and they are going to franchise tag Davonte Adams. This is the only play that Rodgers can continue to play with Adams and sign a huge deal. They will have a really good chance to win a Super Bowl with the NFC looking like it'll be a lot easier than the AFC.

NFC North Division Futures

Kirk Cousins is still not good, and his contract has put the Minnesota Vikings in a really tough spot in terms of building a team. The offense has a lot of skill but the defense needs help, plus you have a lot of players on that team that are often injured.


The Lions are definitely still not good and have numerous holes that need to be filled. They need help all over the defense and as long as Jared Goff is their quarterback they won't be winning the division. 


The Bears could surprise but Fields really didn't have many moments where he proved that he can hang as a passer in this league. Their defense struggled a lot last year, and there are a lot of new pieces in the front office and coaching staff. They are a bit of a wild card but we aren't sold on Fields and think immediate success with such turnover is a stretch. 

When you look at the landscape of the division you see a lot of teams that are rebuilding. Other than maybe the Vikings there really isn't a team, other than GB, who is built to win right now. The Packers have the most talent in the division and are coming off yet another division championship and a really tough loss in horrible weather that was really the fault of the special teams, and they brought in RIch Bisaccia to hopefully fix what was the worst special teams unit in all of football. 

The NFC is also losing some talent with Brady retiring, Peyton leaving the Saints, the 49ers going with Trey Lance, and the Rams in a bit of salary cap hell. We like their odds at 9/1 for the NFC and 15/1 for the Super Bowl right now too. Once Rodgers, hopefully, signs a new fat deal with the Packers these numbers will get slashed. These are the result of the uncertainty around the Aaron Rodgers situation but we think that is just a lot of talk and that he will more than likely be back in Green Bay next year. 


You may not get a better spot than this to bet the Packers, especially if it's announced that Rodgers is coming back. They are in the best position to win right now, he can still play with Adams which won't work for another team to do because of the contracts. Green Bay can make him the highest paid player in the entire league and all signs from Green Bay show that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get him back next year. Rodgers seems to love the drama and we think this is just another example of him just needing to be part of a story. We think he will be back next year on a solid Packers team and playing at an MVP level once again. You should load up on everything GB Packers now that you can.


Green Bay Packers
NFC NOrth div Winner
-130 or better
NFC Conference
8/1 or better
SUper Bowl
15/1 or better


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