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Don't Sleep on the Celtics

Boston is a sneaky good team with some playoff experience and tenacious defense.

The C's are playing the way many thought they would to start the season out. After they've been mired in mediocrity all season, the Celtics are starting to make some noise in a crowded Eastern Conference. Boston’s sixth straight win just came against the conference favorite Brooklyn Nets. They are a hard nosed team that leads the NBA in defense points allowed, top 5 in rebounds, top 5 in point differential, and top 5 in blocks. They are built for the playoffs with their defensive intensity and multiple creators off the dribble in Tatum and Brown.

It's easy to forget too that this is a team that played in the Eastern Conference finals against Lebron and Cavs in 2018 with both of their stars Tatum and Brown. They've taken awhile to come together this year but they may be peaking at the right time. It's tough to really trust anyone in the East right now so we'll take a bit a of a juicy number on a team that is top to bottom just as good as anyone in the NBA. Tatum is as good of a scorer as there is out there and he can take over a game at anytime. With two players able to create their own shot and score clutch baskets, and a team with a team defense approach combined with superior on ball defenders. This is a team that can definitely contend for the East and could easily win a title. 19/1 and 9/1 are good numbers and won't last if this team continues winning games.

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