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Don't Sleep on the Chargers

Thursday night was definitely disappointing for the Chargers but we think it has presented some great betting value.

The Chargers had that game in hand before the untimely pick 6 by the Chiefs rookie changed the entire trajectory of the game. An interception that should be noted wasn't Herbert's fault and really should never had happened in Everett just boxes out the cornerback like he's supposed to. But nonetheless the Chargers lost a game that they really dominated from beginning to end. Also adding to the Chargers woes was the fact that Herbert fractured a rib in the game. With that unfortunate series of events however, comes a really good betting opportunity if you believe in this team long term like we do.

First to address a few of the issues mentioned before, yes they take a loss to their division rival (and really the only other team in the division to be concerned about) but in the grand scheme of the season it's just one game and that was the KC game on the road. They will have another shot at the Chiefs week 10 in LA, a game they should be favored in and one that we really like their chances to get. The Herbert injury is a little concerning but reports were positive after the game and all signs point to him being ready to suit up next week.

The interception was very flukey and something that really should never have happened. The Chargers were poised to take a TD lead with about 10 minutes to play in the game. A game that their defense was in complete control of really the entire way. Mahomes made a few plays but overall the Chiefs were 4-12 on 3rd down,1-3 in the redzone, and only gained 319 total yards. The Chargers on the other hand looked very comfortable on offense and were moving the ball with ease for most of the game even without Keenan Allen on the field.

The Chargers are currently priced at +260 to win the AFC West and we think that presents some great value, it is a bet that you should jump on now especially coming off the Chiefs loss and when you take into consideration the upcoming schedule for both the Chiefs and the Chargers. It is a fantastic buy low spot on team that has as much talent on both sides of the ball as anyone in the league.

The Chargers have 7 games until they host the Chiefs for a rematch on their home turf, their schedule goes like this;

  • Jax

  • @Hou

  • @Cle

  • Den

  • Sea

  • @Atl

  • @SF

Those are all very winnable games and while they may drop one or two of those we see them having a really good chance to 5-2 or better over that stretch. Then you go into a game against the Chiefs, hopefully healthier than they were last week and we like their chances there as well. Then when you look at the Chiefs upcoming schedule it's anywhere near as favorable;

  • @Indy

  • @TB

  • LV

  • Buf

  • @SF

  • Ten

  • Jax

This difficult schedule is compounded by the fact that the Chiefs didn't look particularly explosive in the game against the Chargers and once the league figures out what Andy Reid wants to do offensively they should be able to adjust and the Chiefs lack on talent at receiver will become a problem. There's a good chance these two teams are tied or the Chargers have a game lead when they play in LA on November 11th.

Along with our bet on the Chargers for the AFC West we are also going to add on some more for the AFC Championship at 8/1 and the Super Bowl at 16/1. Branden Staley seems to be taking a little bit of a different approach to 4th downs this year which should help them out, the defense looks to be much improved, and Justin Herbert looks like a top 3 quarterback in the NFL. This team is loaded and there won't be another opportunity to buy in on them if they start rattling off consecutive wins the next few weeks. We highly suggest hopping in on this team now.

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