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AFC South Late Season Value Bet

The Jaguars beating the Titans last week opened up the AFC South Division and a valuable betting opportunity.

The Jaguars have been playing better football as of late winning three of their last five games and finally starting to look like the team we thought we'd see this year. They have first round draft picks all over their roster and Trevor Lawrence is starting to look like the player they thought they were drafting when they took him first overall.

Now at 5-8 it's tough to really think this is a team capable of winning a division but with the Titans rapidly declining and the lack of good teams in the AFC South we think they have a great shot. The win last week puts them in a great spot considering they play the Titans again Week 18, if they can beat the Titans again they would get the tie breaker and just need to tie the Titans in the standings to win the South. They do still have a good amount of ground to make up in a short period of time as they are two games back with four to play, but that's also why you can get as high as +600 on them right now for the division.

While the Jags have been showing improvement the Titans have been going the other direction. They are a team that started the year without a lot of playmakers, specifically at WR and QB, but now have been really decimated by injuries all over their team on both offense and defense. Vrabel is a great coach but even he hasn"t been able to help them overcome their injury woes. They've now lost 3 straight and are currently 7-6 with a tough matchup against the Chargers this week who need this game in a bad way.

Jacksonville has Dallas this week which will be a very tough game but then they finish the year @NYJ, Hou, Ten. Conversely the Titans go @LAC, Hou, Dal, and @Jax. If the Jags can go 2-1 over their next three and the Titans go 1-2 then that last game of the year will be for the division. Having +600 in pocket will be great value as the Jags will most likely be a small favorite at home.

Written by Travis Gillmore

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