NCAAB Futures: Is this finally gonzaga's year?

July 25th, 2021


Gonzaga to win the title was a great bet last year. Getting a 5 point middle in the championship game is a dream scenario and it proved to be a great hedge betting Butler. Obviously Gonzaga didn't ultimately win the title but getting a team to the title game with a nice + price is always a great situation to be in. 

Top Shelf Futures

To truly be successful when betting sports futures you need to be on the lookout for middle opportunities and spots to hedge. With Gonzaga being around a 5pt favorite in the championship game you are in a great spot if you're holding a 10/1 ticket on Gonzaga, which is what we had last year. So if you bet Baylor and take the points you have a chance to set up some guaranteed profit. For example, if you had 100 on Gonzaga at 10/1 and then you bet 300 on Baylor +5 you've set up a nice middle. Either you cash your Gonzaga ticket and net 700, win the Baylor bet and net 200, or best case scenario Gonzaga wins a close game by 3 and you win both bets for 1300. It's very important to continuously monitor your future plays to take advantage of middle opportunities. Live betting is another great way to find some good hedging spots for future bets.

Is gonzaga a good bet for 2021-22?

Gonzaga lost a lot talent last year with Suggs and Ajayi leaving for the NBA. The are still is as loaded as ever though, they brought back All-American big man Drew Timme, along with All-WCC point guard Andrew Nembhard. They also have prized recruit Chet Holmgren, along with fellow five-star guards Hunter Sallis and Nolan Hickman. The also get Iowa State transfer Rasir Bolton who provide even more depth for this team.

The Bulldogs are definitely a national title contender and are a pretty significant betting favorite heading into 2021-22. Gonzaga should cruise through most of the season. The WCC doesn’t pose much of a threat outside of maybe BYU. There are a few quality non-conference opponents that Gonzaga will play early in the year but they destroyed a lot of quality opponents last year at the beginning of the season. They usually play one of the tournaments at the beginning of the year with some other quality team but on their schedule they have UW, Texas Tech, Texas, Alabama, and Duke. None of which scare you too much and should get them nice and prepared for the tournament. 

Timme coming back to school really shows how committed he is to winning. He could have easily gone pro but decided to run it back at Gonzaga. Coach Few has been on the cusp of winning a title so many times now and it really seems like he's going to break through at some point soon. With the amount of talent that they have, the good coaching job you're gonna get from Few and their easy road to a number 1 seed they are a strong contender. We think they will continue to gain attention and betting action throughout the year so you will see their odds continue to move down, similar to last year when they got as low as 2/1, so even at 6/1 you're getting a good number. This is a team that dominated last year was one game away from a title. They have an incredible amount of talent on this team and bring back the best big man in the country. Gonzaga is a force and should be taken very seriously this year.


NCAAB National Title
+650 or better